Thursday, November 03, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 3 - Kaoshiung

After visiting Cijin Island, we walked back to Sizihwan MRT Station and take the MRT one station away to Yanchengpu MRT Station. This is the station where we can visit a few places.

But difficult to cover all so we just choose a few that were closed by each other.

Saw this cat sculpture outside the MRT Station, so cute.

Lots of signs directing us the places of interest but they are not nearby, need to walk a distance to reach them, we actually lost our way trying to find the

There's a small park just next to the museum. There's a huge statue of Sun Yat Sen in the park.

Kaohsiung Film Festival Statue

This is the Municipal Film Archive Building

Kaoshiung Historical Museum - admission is free but no photography.

Love River

Famous Wufu 4th Street where some eateries and restaurants are

Suddenly the rain came and we ended up eating at MacDonalds.

We cancelled our planned trip to Love Pier to see some arts installation because of the heavy rain.

Decided to go back hotel to rest but ended up shopping in Jiouru Road the road where our hotel was. Surprised to find so many shops selling clothes , etc I bought a few oriental blouses at a shop just next to our hotel. The oriental blouses comes in handy for my Chinese New Year in Janaury 2012 . :)

After browsing along the street (see the above photo with the arrow pointing behind the building where more shops were), we head back to hotel and rest.

Then it started to rain very heavily in the night, so we decided to stay in the hotel and had a sumptous buffet dinner at NT390 each only. Great service and good food.

As this is not our first trip to Kaoshiung, we only visited some places of interest and ommitted those that we already visited in our previous trip.

If you decided to visit Kaoshiung, you might like to visit other places of interest as mentioned in their travel guide in their official website

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