Saturday, November 05, 2011

Taiwan Trip Day 4 - Back in Taipei Again

We were finally back in Tapei from Kaoshiung. Before checking in back to YMCA Hotel, we headed for lunch first at Taipei Main Station. There were lots of restaurants and food court on the second floor.

We settle in this food court for our lunch. I guess it being a Saturday, there's a huge crowd everywhere.

I had some taiwanese meal while hubby had Japanese curry rice.

The temperature in taipei was lower than where we were first here on Day 1. It was about 21 degrees celsius and showering and quite misty.

We checked into YMCA Hotel and had a different room on the different level. Thanks goodness the bathroom came with showering bath better than the bath tub which was a bit high to climb in. I hope they would change it.

Before we went to Kaoshiung, we left one suitcase with the hotel staff. They kindly take care of our belongings while we were holidaying in Kaoshiung. We do not want to bring too much clothes to Kaoshiung as we were returning back to the same hotel on Day 4.
After collecting our suitcase from the hotel staff, we dump all our suitcases in our room and went shopping at Wufenpu.

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