Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hongkong/Zhuhai/Macau Trip 2012 - Morning Market at Northpoint

3rd day of our trip, we had to leave Hong Kong for Zhuhai, China. We decided to have breakfast buffet at our Hotel. It costs us HK$61 each.

The breakfast is nice even though there's not much variety but enough to fill our stomach till lunch.

Very small but cozy restaurant.

After breakfast, we decided to walk around our hotel in Northpoint before checking out.
Realised there's a food centre at the building near our hotel but we did not bother to go up.
Nice to spot a market scene behind our hotel. Spot the track on the road, there's where the tram moved so you gotta to look out for the tram and other vehicles when doing your marketing here.
Lovely to see how the local do their marketing. Noticed most of them carry recycled bags or trolleys. In Hong Kong,  they charged for plastic bags.

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