Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 1 - Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe Trip 2017 - Lunch at Porta Dining, Kyoto Station, Kyoto Japan

As we could not check into the hotel yet (check in time 3 pm), we decided to go for early lunch and some sightseeing. Just right infront of the hotel, there's a staircase(no photo) that leads to Porta Dining, an underground shopping leading to Kyoto Station. For those who could not use the stairs, can cross over to the front of kyoto station and use the escalators.(see picture below)

There's a lot of restaurants, fast food, eateries at Porta Dining, lot of choices. Even in Kyoto Station itself, there's also a lot of restaurants. For those who prefer food court, can crossed over to the other side of Kyoto Station and proceed to Aeon Mall , there's a nice food court there. (Will talk about Aeon Mall in later posts.)

Most of the restaurants/eateries had window display of their food and prices shown.

We came across a restaurant that had a one person set of ramen and fried rice with fried chicken but really is enough for two of us hahaha. We weren't very hungry as it was still early, and we were already lacking some sleep due to the red eye flight. One thing nice about Japanese restaurants, they are still friendly even if we only order one set of the food, they understand we are sharing one set. Oh free tea in the restaurant.

Our lunch was 1080 yen (about S$13).

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