Monday, August 07, 2017

Day 3 - Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe Trip 2017 - Shijo Kawaramachi

After some rest in hotel, we decided to go to Shijo Kawaramachi again, to have dinner and some shopping.

Signboard at the bus terminal, showing various buses that goes to places of attraction in Kyoto.

From Kyoto Station, we had three choices of buses to Shijo Kawaramachi. Bus 4,17 and 205. We took the Bus 205 that arrived first at the bus platform. Strange the 3 buses all queue at the same place, so if you do not board the bus, just let the person behind you in the queue bypass to board the bus. Inside the bus, when we saw and heard the announcement of the bus stop F (shijo kawaramachi), we pressed the bell and alight. On our return trip, we can board the bus at the opposite side (Bus Stop B - circled - see below photo). We then walked towards Takashimaya Department Store for dinner (see above map).

On the 7th floor of Takashimaya, there's many restaurants and the prices weren't very expensive. We choose to have dinner at Sweet Dynasty (Hongkong restaurant), the ambience was cozy and comfortable, free wifi too at Takashimaya.

Steamed cold chicken

Wanton soup

Sweet and sour prawn and 2 bowls of white rice

Our dinner costs us 2872 yen (about S$36)

After a satisfying dinner, we went shopping around Kawaramachi. Most shops closed at 8pm or 8.30 pm but there's some shops that stay open especially those cosmetics shops.

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