Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - So much happening and changes to itinerary

There's so much changes to my Hiroshima Trip's itinerary. At first, I planned to fly to Hiroshima by Silkair then take the Shinkansen to Osaka and fly back to Singapore via Singapore Airlines. But as I was afraid of the frequent earthquakes in Japan, might affect the transportation especially the train services, and moreover I had been to Osaka last year.

So decided to just fly to and fro Singapore and Hiroshima. Will be a very relax and stressful trip but proved I was wrong.

One week before my trip, there's a major earthquake in Osaka and so I decided to simplify my itinerary and not visited to far places from Hiroshima so that we would not be stranded incase of earthquake.

True enough, on Day 2 of my trip, I had a scary experience of earthquake in Hiroshima. So more changes to my itinerary. Coming from a earthquake free country, it really frightened me to experience 4.9 earthquake in Hiroshima, can actually felt my bed jump up and down but only for that few seconds, to the local, is considered a mild earthquake, noone is panicky nor running for dear life.

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