Thursday, July 05, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 1 - Silkair (Using the silkair studio inflight entertainment)

Silkair is a full flight service but they dont have those individual screen behind each seat for inflight entertainment. We need to bring our own ipad or smartphone to watch movies or listening to music using the Silkair Studio wifi. Unless you are in business class, they will would loan you the ipad to watch movies.

I brought my own ipad but need to download the silkair studio first before boarding incase got problem loading the apps in the plane. Read more from Silkair website about the features.

There's an instruction sheet in the seat pocket, just follow the instructions to log into Silkair Wifi. (Watch my video below).

There's a screen above for entertainment but on silent mode. I guess can use the headphone to connect into the sound button in the seat (I did not try).

Left with only one choice for the breakfast meal (ours was a red eye flight). Chicken nasi lemak, was really good and the Japanese noodle with sauce.

Watch the video below, Hiroshima has many mountains and the Hiroshima Airport is on top of the mountain.

Video on how to use the Silkair Studio in the plane.

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