Friday, July 27, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 2 - Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima - Morning Buffet Breakfast

Day 2, before starting our sightseeing, we had a sumptous and nice morning buffet breakfast at Sheraton Grand Hotel.

We had window seats, nice view of the Hiroshima Station, airport limousine bus stop, etc.

Very relaxing day and taking our own sweet time eating our breakfast since we are not on guided tour, we were on our own. This trip was very suitable for senior citizen as there's no rush and there's not much climbing to be done except walking. As we grow older, we make more stop for coffee breaks, etc

Do note that the recent flooding, damaged some railroads, so do check on the latest status or else you need to take alternative like the bus or book a private car. The railroad is much more convenient though. I am not sure if the railroads that I used for my sightseeing was affected by the flood or not. Do check with your local Japan Tourism Office.

Do read this report on the damaged railroads.

The breakfast consists of western and Japanese cuisine.

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