Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 2- Sightseeing Tour Part 4 - Yanchep National Park

Our last stop of our tour is Yanchep National Park. It was cold in the evening when the sun started to set and winter coldness hit us. But we were too excited with the kangaroos, koalas and wild life in the park and taking tons of photos with the kangaroo. They were not even running away from us, we managed to get close to them and took lots of photos with the kangaroos.

This photo of the pacific black duck looked so beautiful. It seems to posing for us.

Hahaha excited of taking photos of the wild life but mind those droppings of the kangaroos, went back to our lodging, had to clean and wash our shoes. Luckily, we brought extra pair of shoes.

Difficult to take photos of the koalas, they seems to be sleeping all the time.

Our tour ended after our visit to Yanchep National Park, our coach dropped us at Perth Train Station.

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