Monday, July 15, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 3 - Mandurah Sightseeing, Cicerello's Seafood Restaurant Mandurah and Mandurah Forum

We took the shuttle bus around the town. We alighted at Foreshore Park, not easily missed. Nice little park and town to walk around or just to laze around. From the park is easy to walk to Dolphin Quay.

Boat cruise available to try to spot dolphin, buy the cruise tickets and board the cruise from dolphin quay.

We had good time taking lots of photos and the sea gulls were all posing for us to take photos haha.

We had lunch at the famous Cicerello's Seafood Restaurant at Mandurah. They were famous for their fish and chips.

We ordered the Senior Citizen set which comes with the fish and chips, seafood chowder, coleslaw, cake of the day and coffee/tea. Oh I love the fish, very good and delicious.

The seafood chowder was really very good.

We had carrot cake (not the fried carrot cake found back home), and tea.

Oh we need to pay for lemon slices (one packet of lemon slices for 60 cents) and ketchup (30 cents)

After lunch and walking around foreshore and dolphin quay, we took the shuttle bus back to Mandurah Forum (near the train station).

Shopping in here is much cheaper than in Perth City.

After shopping, we took the shuttle bus back to the train station and took the train to Perth Train Station.

On reaching Perth Train Station, we walked towards Hay Street Mall for their Friday late night shopping. Most shops in the CBD area close at 5 pm but extended their shopping hours only on Friday to 9 pm.

After some shopping, we felt so tired and decided to have some waffles, so yummy.

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