Saturday, August 03, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 6 - Swan Valley

Next spot was a drive to Swan Valley, there's no public transport to ferry to Swan Valley, so is better to join a day tour or drove there. It will be a hop on and off sightseeing and shopping trip at Swan Valley. We bought some packed lunches and had a picnic at the valley. My Australia's friend drove us there.

First stop was at St. Margaret River Chocolate Factory, free tasting of chocolates here. We bought so many chocolates and good that their bags can keep the chocolates insulated for a while cause of the hot sun even in winter, was afraid the chocolates melt in the car when we visit other places.

Next visit was to the jam and wine outlet. Bought some bottles of jam here. They were freshly made and so many different types of jam.

Our third stop was to the honey shop. Free tasting of honey, and there are bees flying all over. We bought some bottles of honey. The thing I like, the bottles comes in small sizes too.

Besides honey, they sold many cream for body and hands too. I loved the lavender hand and body cream. Bought some back for my sisters too.

Free tasting of honey.

Next stop is a vineyard where they sold wines. Free tasting of wine here. There's still some grapes in the yard but most were harvested.

Spotted some olives growing there too.

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