Sunday, August 11, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 7 - My Friend's Garden in Perth and time to say bye bye to Perth

After dinner, went back to my friend's house to pick our boxes of persimmon fruits that we left in her house. Before heading to the airport, we visited her garden. Wow her garden is so big and looked like an orchard. Lots of fruit trees. She grew lemons, mango, oranges,guava, avocados, longan, persimmon and some vegetables. Hahaha, We joked we dont have to visit any fruit orchard, just visit her garden, will do. We had a great time picking fruits from her garden.

Orange Trees

Lemon Trees - they smell so nice and the skin so smooth, leave a nice fragrance on our hands for long. Looked different from the ones we bought from our market back in Singapore.

Her avocado tree bear so many fruits and were huge.


Persimmon Tree

French Beans

More lemons

After all the excitement in picking the fruits, time for us to say farewell to our friends. She drove us to the airport and we took the midnight flight back home to Singapore.

This bring the end of my travel story of my Perth Trip. Come Back and visit my blog for my next travel story. :)

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