Thursday, February 13, 2020

Okinawa, Japan Trip 2020 - Day 2 - Aeon Naha Shopping Mall (next to Oroku Station) (Travelled in January 2020)

We took the monorail from Prefecture Office Station to Oroku Station only four stations away and cost 270 yen each, we should have taken a taxi from the beach all the way to Oroku Station but as we could not communicate with the taxi driver, we had to do more walking and taking extra transport.

From Oroku Monorail Station, we could see Aeon Naha Shopping Mall and it is linked all the way from the station to the mall. The mall was quite big and there's lots of shopping in here.

There's a food court and some restaurants in here. No problem getting food here, just point to the picture on the menu and order the food.

There's a Blue Seal Ice Cream Stall in here. We ate so many different flavours on different days during our trip in Okinawa. Travellers coming to Okinawa surely will encounter Blue Seal ice cream during their visit. Blue Seal is Okinawan Ice Cream. It traces its origin back to 1948 when it began production as Foremost Company, primarily as a dairy producer providing food products for American military bases on Okinawa. The company became Foremost Blue Seal in the 1970s and has been available to the general public ever since. (Source).

After our lunch at the food court, we went to the supermarket, I love visiting Japan supermarket. There's so many varieties of food, fruits, etc.

The strawberry looked so pretty and red and I couldn't resist buying them.

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