Saturday, February 29, 2020

Okinawa, Japan Trip 2020 - Day 4 - One day tour with Jumbo Tours Hip Hop Bus - Course A - meeting place/pick up point (Travelled in January 2020)

Day 4, we decided to join a one day tour with Jumbo Tours. There's many courses to choose from the website. It is fuss free and easy to book and paid online. We booked one week before travelling to Okinawa. It is quite popular so best book in advance if your travelling period is peak season.

You may view more about the different types of tours from their official website.

We choose A course - the tour consists of visiting to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Kouri Island, Cape Manza and Nago Pineapple Park Tour.

But first let me explained where the pick up point is. Depending on where you stay, choose the pick up point near your hotel. My hotel is near Hotel Rocore so I choose the first pick up point at 8 am but need to be there at least 10 minutes earlier, they dont wait. Japanese transportation are very punctual. So please be on time.

The pick up point is just a short walk from Hotel Rocore. (see map)

You can view the different pick up point for A course at this link .

There's many buses waiting at this spot, so dont board the wrong bus. The red bus is for C course.

From the pick up point, I can see Hotel Rocore. A course bus is green colour with the bus number 1981.

I was so early and in the bus before the 8 am departure. The bus will then go to other hotels and pick other hotel passengers.

There's one complimentary bottle of mineral water for each passenger.

They provided single ear headphone for the multi-language audio guide. No. 2 is default for english. Free wifi in the bus too.

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