Sunday, March 30, 2008

South Korea-Everland Resort-Safari World

The Safari World In Everland Resort, South Korea, was the only safari complex in the world where lions and tigers co exist.

One can either take the special jeep or bus to tour the safari and watch the animals up close.
The bears are cute and they could perform special tricks like praying and waving goodbye.

The Lion and Lioness were huge and they make a perfect pair.

White tigers
This is a liger. It was a cross between a male lion and a female tiger.


Alyssa said...

Hi Alice - Everland Resort looks something like an Asian Disney World. I'll bet you had lots of fun. It does look bright and clean. I'm not a fan of zoos or animal parks. The animals always seem somewhat sad and out of place. I'm sure they'd rather be somewhere else.

Alicesg said...

I have to agree with you Alyssa. The liger looked very sad.