Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hong kong/Zhuhai/Macau Trip 2012 - Day 4 - Macau - Senado Square

We wasted no time to check out Senado Square after we settled down in our hotel. As our hotel is near Senado Square, it took us about a ten minutes walk from our hotel to Senado Square. There were many nice restaurants and eateries in here so we dont have much problem hunting for our lunch.

This is not the first time that I visited Macau so I am quite familar with the surroundings. Saw the beautiful St. Dominic's Church with the beautiful designs on its building.

Ruins of St Paul's is in the background.  What's remains is the Southern Facade after a fire destroyed the church during a typhoon.

The Friendship Statue – a Chinese girl giving a lotus flower to a Portuguese boy – symbolizes the friendship of Eastern and Western countries.
Not to be missed in Macau must be the rows of shops along the alley in Senado Square. There's also free sampling of the snacks from different shops.  It is fun to catch all the action.
The famous almond cookies and peanuts sweets are not to be missed by tourists. Remember to buy some for yourself or gifts to your family or friends.

The most famous snack shop must be kok kei, they have so many branches just in Senado Square and also all over Macau.

Besides food and snacks, they do have several clothing shops and boutique worth taking a look.

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