Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 7 - Taking airport bus to Incheon Airport

Finally our last day in Seoul, time to go back to Singapore. I will miss South Korea very much. :(

We had breakfast buffet in Hotel Aropa's cafe which costs 12,000 won per person. The breakfast buffet is quite good.

Time to check out of hotel and cross over to the opposite side from Hotel Aropa to The Plaza Hotel to purchase our airport bus's ticket. The ticket can be purchased from the front desk of The Plaza Hotel.

The ticket cost 16,000 won per adult, as we have too many luggages and boxes of shopping stuff hahaha, we had to take the airport bus to Incheon Airport instead of the subway train. If you dont have many pieces of luggages is cheaper to take the subway train to Incheon Airport.

The service is very good at The Plaza Hotel, wish I could stay in this hotel but is a bit expensive. The bell boy will called us when the airport bus arrived and even carried our luggages for us even though we dont stay in this hotel. The airport bus arrived at the back door of the hotel and not the front door. The bus will arrived every 20 minutes duration.

The seats in the airport bus are really comfortable and could be reclined all the way back and the best was only hubby and me occupied the whole bus throughout the journey from the hotel to Incheon Airport which takes about 1 hour trip, is like having a private limousine taking us there hahaha.

Without hesitation, we quickly checked in our bag even though we are early, so we could take our time to have our lunch.

Found this restaurant called Chow Buffet, they served international buffet, wide range of international food, really very good. Costs us only 22,000 won nett, really very worth. The assorted desserts , cakes and ice cream are my favourite.

Ooo I love the mochi.

Hubby ate so much of the fresh lychees.

Saw this huge ball in Incheon Airport, with moving pictures.

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