Saturday, August 02, 2014

Siem Reap Trip 2014 - Day 3 - Night Market

After dinner, we decided to visit the night market around PUB Street. PUB Street looks more vibrant at night and cooler to walk.

We decided to visit a different night market from the first night that we visited Siem Reap Night Market. We wanted to visit Angkor Night Market, there's sign to direct us to the night market.

Basically the night markets all sell almost identical stuff. There were shelters in the night market and floor were covered with pebbles and stones so even if it rains, we can still do our shopping here. Please remember to bargain at least 50% off the asking price.

So we end our day with ice cream at Blue Pumpkin. I cannot really remember where exactly is the restaurant but I think is next to the U Care Pharmacy(see the above map) for U Care.

The Blue Pumpkin is a french bakery and patisserie, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant with a lounge atmosphere. We only ate the ice cream cause already had a very heavy dinner.

For cozy atmosphere you should head upstairs where they have cushions and huge sofa where u can eat in comfort with your feet resting on the sofa.

No problem getting tuk tuk at this restaurant, there were several of them just outside the restaurant.

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