Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 -Day 1 - Fengjia Night Market ( 逢甲夜市) in Taichung, Taiwan

After settling our hotel rooms, we quickly make our way to Fengjia Nite Market which is just a short walk from Kun Hotel.

The night market is just beside Fengjia University.

Saw this shop claiming to be more than 30 years old, must be good to have last long hahaha, so we just popped in to have dinner.

They have free winter melon drinks, tasted very good and soothing to throat.

We had one bowl of spicy beef noodle, two bowls of pork chop noodles and one bowl of chicken cutlet noodles and one bowl of dumplings. Total cost of our dinner was TWD365 (est about S$15)

We need to tick our orders on this ordering sheets, they are all in mandarin and doubt they understand English. You might need fellow diners to translate or order for you if you dont understand mandarin. Alternatively just point to some food pictures on the wall.

After dinner, was time for some shopping and snacking.

It was really crowded at the night market especially since it was the weekend.

Duck feet anyone?

Ooo love the guava, we ate so many fruits during our trip, almost every night market, there were many fruit stalls like this.

Lots of selfie stick for sale, slightly cheaper than those sold back home.

Wow lots of pig's internal organs for sale hahaha.

These children's clothings were so cute, with words of I love to be hugged, I love grandpa, grandma, mum and dad.

Stall selling cooked pig's internal organs.

Very vibrant and exciting Fengjia Night Market

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