Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 - Day8/9 - Tokyo - Bye Bye Japan

Upon arrival at Haneda International Airport, we quickly checked in our luggages so we could do some quick shopping in the airport. If you have not purchased the famous Japan Banana Cake, they are available at the airport. The price is the same as those sold in department stores.

We were still hungry and had some supper in the airport.

We managed to get keychains, souvenirs, etc and also some Disney watches for the grand nephews back home(Did not take any photos of the Disney watches.) I spotted a nice watch and bought one for myself too. :)

We spend too much time shopping at the souvenir shops, almost missed our flight hahaha. We left half an hour before the plane take off, so we hurriedly make our way to Gate 141. (Need to take lift down to the gate.) But We were wondering why the flight was to Seattle, so quickly checked our boarding pass and to our horror, we were at the wrong gate, should be Gate 143. OMG, we took the lift up again and run to Gate 143 and dare not take the lift down, we took the escalator and managed just in time to boarding time. Phew.

Enjoyed our trip so much in Japan, we hope to visit Osaka the next time. Bye Bye Japan, thanks for a wonderful and memorable time in Japan. :)

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