Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 2 - Tainan Chigu Salt Mountain by Tourist Bus Route 99

Day 2, we decided to start the day with a visit to Chigu Salt Mountain. There's only one tourist bus to this place, and is Route NO. 99, the bus stop is just opposite our hotel and right infront of Chikan Tower.

Route 99 also goes to many other places as per the map below. But note that the bus is not frequent is only on hourly basis and on weekday during certain times is more than 1 hour wait. The timing will be indicated on the bus stop. Our plan was to visit the salt mountain first and then to Anping town. Even if we missed the bus , we could hitch a cab from Anping back to our hotel which is nearer while the salt mountain is further. The trip from our hotel to salt mountain is about 1 hour and from Anping to our hotel is about 20 minutes. The bus fare is NT36 per adult.

The bus stop is right infront of Chikan Tower (or also known as Fort Provintia).

The first bus that arrived at the bus stop is 10.06 am for weekday and 9.06 am for weekend or public holiday.

The scenery on the way to the salt mountain is beautiful, full of nature.

Finally after one hour, we arrived at the salt mountain, but not sure if worth the visit after the one hour trip hahaha cause we did not have time to visit the nearby salt museum cause we need to hurry to take the bus back to Anping at 12.55 pm (we reached there around 12 noon and have about less than an hour to explore) or wait till 4 plus pm for the next bus and there's no cab in sight.

There's boat ride in the vicinity, the whole place is more like a theme park.

Glad that we noticed the timing of the bus before we explore the area otherwise we would missed the 12.55 pm bus and need wait till 16.55 pm for the next bus.

The bus arrived on the dot and we took the bus to Anping but there's a 15 minutes break for the driver to rest and toilet break at one of the bus stop. The fare is NT36.

Video of view from the top of Chigu Salt Mountain

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