Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 4 - Nanjing/Hangzhou Trip 2017 - Hefang Ancient Street, Hangzhou

After settling down all the check in at the hotel, we asked the friendly front desk staff, the best way to get to Hefang Ancient Street. From the map, is not too near to the hotel, need at least 20 to 30 minutes to walk from hotel to Hefang Street. Cheap to take a cab to Hefang street or take a bus to Hefang Street. Just cross over to the opposite side from the hotel and take the bus no. 35 to Hefang Street. It's 3 bus stop away from the hotel or the bus terminal. (The bus is a loop service.) It sounds easy, so we decided to take the bus at alight at the last stop (there's announcement in the bus, if I remember right, is in mandarin and english). The bus fare is only RMB2.

Once we alight, we could see some bright shining lights along Hefang Street, so we walked towards the lights. It was cold and misty that night.

It was nice coming to this ancient street, fun just coming to browse or shop in here.

Hangzhou is famous for Longjing tea or Dragon Well Tea, many shops selling the Longjing Tea.

The highlight of our night trip to Hefang Street was watching the stall holders trying to attract customers to buy food from them. View my video at the bottom of this post to view the happenings in Hefang Street.

Hangzhou is famous for its DongPo Pork and Beggar's Chicken. We decided to buy the beggar's chicken for dinner but the chicken looked small, I guess is spring chicken but tasted good but quite messy to eat it although we were provided with disposable gloves.

Beggar's chicken ( 叫花鸡)comes from the traditional ways of cooking in Zhejiang province in China. The process involves wrapping a whole spiced chicken in lotus leaves first, then encasing it in mud and roasted in open fire. When fully cooked, the mud forms a hard shell around the chicken and cracked open before revealing the deliciously roasted chicken inside. Including stuffed, wrapped in clay and roasted process, it can take about 6 hours to prepare a single serving. Source: Top China Travel

We also had some rice cooked over pineapple and get to eat the pineapple too.

After spending fun time at Hefang Street, we walked back to the bus terminal to take bus no. 35 back to our hotel. Remember is the third stop (the bus stop is called Pinghai Road).

Video of Hefang Ancient Street Hangzhou

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