Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 1 - Going to Macau from Hongkong International Airport via the HZMB (Hongkong Zhuhai Macau Bridge)

After landing and going through immigration and collecting our luggages, we left the airport and head to the bus terminal outside the airport. It is easy to find, if not, just ask the airport staff where to take the Bus B4 to HZMB. Our destination was to go to Macau via the new bridge called HZMB (Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge) which was only opened last year. We need to take shuttle bus B4 from the Hong Kong International Airport to the HZMB Hongkong Port. It was only a ten minutes ride and costs HK$6. There's luggage rack for huge luggages inside the bus.

Many will alight at this HZMB so just follow the crowd, lots of signs to direct the way. We enter and goes through immigration to leave Hong Kong. Singapore passport holder can use the E channel, just scan the passport like what we did back home at Changi Airport. After immigration, head to buy HZMB bus ticket via the machine or at the manned counter. It costs HK$65 for the bus ticket and 50% discount for senior citizen above 65 years of age. The bus journey from HZMB Hong Kong Port to Macau is only 30 minutes ride.

Follow the sign that direct to board the bus to Macau. Best to sit on the right side of the bus, good view of the bridge.

After 30 minutes ride, we arrived on the HZMB Macau side, we clear immigration and head to board the bus or taxi. As we were staying in Cotai Strip, there's no direct bus to our hotel in Cotai Strip. For those staying in Macau City(Bus 101) or heading to Ferry terminal(bus 102) , there's buses there. Need to pay bus fare for these two buses.

As the HZMB was newly opened, at present there's no free hotel buses from HZMB to respective hotels. So we took taxi from HZMB (Macau side) to our hotel in Cotai Strip, It costs us MOP113 (can use HK$)

You can find out more details on how to use the HZMB Bridge to Macau from this website

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