Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Taipei Trip 2019 - Day 2 - Keelung - Taking Bus No. 99 to Heping Island Park

On arrival at Keelung Train Station, exit at South Exit (Zhong 1st Road/Guangxi Street), walked out towards the big blue pedestrian bridge but do not cross it. Walked along the road and turn left towards the Tourist Information Centre which is opposite the YM OCeanic Culture and Art Museum.

There's a local bus stop infront of the museum but it does not reach infront of Heping Island Park need walk about 10 to 15 mins.

Bus No. 99 bus stop is directly infront of the tourist information centre. Do go in and collect the maps and information of Keelung City and places of attraction. We decided to visit Heping Island Park and need to take Bus 99 to the park is about 20 minutes ride. The bus do not stop at every bus stop but do let the bus driver knows where you are going. Press the bell when you want to alight. Tap in and out of with the easy card to pay the bus fare which is about TWD8. Do note the bus duration is about one bus every one hour during summer and one bus every two hours during winter. The bus stop right infront of Heping Island Park.

You can also hitch taxi to Heping Island Park. Taxis are plentiful at Keelung Station but at Heping Island Park, I hardly see any taxi unless you call for Uber.

Do not take the wrong Bus 99, this is not the terminal stop, so bus 99 is one direction towards A13 and the other is towwards A1. The tourist information centre bus stop is A2.

On the return journey, the bus stop at Heping Park is the same bus stop we board and alight Bus 99. Please take note of the timing of the bus so as not to waste time waiting for the one bus per hour. Do note weekends might be more crowded and the bus is small, best avoid weekend to come here. We have no probems with seating in the small bus as it was a weekday and lesser people. Most people drove here.

Actually, I got this information on how to go Heping Island Park from this Taiwanese youtuber. It is really very informative but only in mandarin. You can look at how to go to Heping Island Park via his video.

How to walk from Keelung Station to Bus Stop 99 infront of the tourist information centre video

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