Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wishing Tree, Hongkong

The Wishing Tree, located near the Tin Hou Temple in Lam Tsuen, is one of Hong Kong's most famous tourist attractions.

Some chinese people are superstitious. They trusted that there are gods who could bless them. Gods would also help them to achieve their wishes. As one of the means to worship the gods, they write their wishes and throw them onto the Wishing Tree.

People made their wishes by buying a package of yellow paper tied to an orange. Then they write down their wishes and tried their luck by throwing the package high up the tree so that the package would hang onto the tree branches. The higher the package hung on the tree the better the chances your wish would come true.

It is better not to throw not more than three times as they said those who cannot hang the package on the tree, are said to have made their wishes too greedy.
As for me, no I did not buy the package and I do not want the orange drop on my head and if you did not do a proper job hanging them and the orange would smacked onto the floor spilling all the juices out (lol).

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