Monday, February 04, 2008

China Vases from Beijing

These vases were purchased during my first trip to China. I used those foreign exchange certificates that I mentioned in my earlier post and bought these vases from the friendship stores at Summer Palace, Beijing.

They were rather cheap during that time costing me less than S$20 in total for the three vases. I went back in 2002 and tried to get another set but I could not find anymore. sigh.

I think in eighty years later, these vases would be antique....hahaha. I wondered if anyone would offered me 1 million pound for them....hahaha..........maybe my great grandchildren would inherit these vases or maybe I should start burying these vases in soil or underground so that they become very very antique...hehehe

I was told that if these vases have a stamp below them they would be valuable. Two of my vases had these stamps but not the one with a dragon image. So I guess my dragon vase is worthless.


Alyssa said...

Your vases are lovely and you never know what will become sought-after in years to come. Take good care of them! You've mentioned the name "friendship stores" a few times. What exactly is a friendship store? or is that just the brand name?

alicesg said...

Friendship stores are state run stores by China. When they first open china to tourists, these stores were started as a sign of friendship and sold chinese art and crafts, sovenirs, etc. Their locals were not allowed to purchased any items from these stores but now there are only a few friendship stores left as a relic of the past. During the past, these stores only accepted foreign exchange certificates.

Tom said...

I like blue and white pottery it come in so many different designs. Each country seems to produce their own..

Squirrel said...

I think they will be valuable for your heirs!