Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 6 - Gwangjang Market Part 1

Our next destination is Gwangjang Market. From Cityhall Station we took the green line to Euljiro 4-ga Station and look for Exit 4 but wonder why we exited to Exit 5 lol but it does not matter cause we can walked towards Exit 4 on street level.

There's lots of road sign and directions to assist us to the direction of Gwangjang Market.

Being a Sunday, many of the shops were closed. The shops sold mainly hardware, pipes, etc.

We had a surprise find on our way to Gwangjang Market, we saw this beautiful stream that looked so clean and green with lots of plants and fishes and even spotted some ducks and birds. From the tourist map, I think this is the lower end of Cheonggyecheon Stream. For the upper part of Cheonggyecheon stream you can view in my earlier post.

We stayed at this stream for quite some time to look at the ducks and fishes. The fishes were really big, wonder if anyone tried to catch them or perhaps is an offence to catch these fishes. Nice to allow these fishes, ducks and birds be free in this stream without any disturbance.

Map and directory of Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Markets is one of the oldest market in South Korea and is very popular with tourists. Consists of lots of food stalls and also one part of the market sells hanbok costumes.

These wedding gifts are so beautifully made and wrapped. I guess this must be one of the must have for a korean wedding.

Love to take photos of these hanboks and they are so colourful. During my last visit to korea, I did wore a hanbok to have my photo taken hahaha.I guess is a kind of touristy thing to do when you are in korea.

These pillows are really colourful and look comfy, sure to attract buyers.

Short videos of the stream.

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