Saturday, December 07, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 6 - Namdaemun

From Dongdaemun Station, we took the subway to Hoehyeon station to shop at Namdaemun Market. Forgot which exit it was but there's signboard in the station to direct you to the market.

Some street scenes at Namdaemun.

But first got to hunt for our lunch, as I have been to Namdaemun before, I know Shinsegae Department Store has a food court at its basement floor.

Had some fried chickens and omelette rice with pork chop. Forgot how much our lunch costs but I think the rice set costs about 8000 won each. They have a variety of food from 2000+ and above. Think we must be so hungry that we ate all the fried chicken before I can remember to take photo lol, our rice sets came later as they need time to cook. You get a queue no and collect it when they called your number if you understand korean lol, so we need to keep a look out at the counter and see unclaimed rice sets should be ours, just show your queue number and collect it.

After much rest and a good meal, we continued our shopping at Namdaemun Market.

Interesting to take photo of the market scene but some shops are closed on Sunday.

So beautiful and cheap fur coats for sale, you need to bargain real hard for your purchase.

Could not resist the smell of these delicious bao (bun), we had those with lotus paste, forgot how much they cost.

In this market, you can buy in bulks to get further discounts.

Cute winter coat for dogs.

The crowds can tell you how popular Namdaemun Market is but you really need to bargain cause they will raised the prices if you are a tourist. If you see very cheap branded stuff on sale in this market, chances are they are imitation.

This stall is popular with middle aged and older women folks, is about 1000 won for the printed blouse or pants. I did not get any, never liked this type of printed clothings.

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