Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 3 - Breakfast at Cambridge Hotel Tainan

Day 3 breakfast in the hotel almost the same with some changes in the main courses.

This morning, while having breakfast, something was scary for me. As I was eating, I thought I felt tremor, as if there's huge vehicles passed and there's vibration under my feet, but I was on the 11th floor. Then I overhead a Taiwanese lady sitting next table, telling her hubby there's an earthquake. I quickly checked the internet and there's indeed an earthquake in Taitung, happened at the same time that I felt the tremor. OMG, was a frightening experience to me but the locals were so used to tremors.

To check the status of earthquake in Taiwan, you can check this website..

Taiwanese porridge with side dishes.

I love the Taiwanese green oranges, they were not very sweet nor sour, the taste was just right. I ate so many of them every morning during my entire trip in Taiwan, lol.

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