Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day5 - Taipei 101

Next on our list was to visit Taipei 101, always looked at Taipei 101 from afar but did not really go into the building. Take the red line to Taipei 101 Station.

The building was really tall and difficult to take a full view photo of it from near.

Inside the building there were many restaurants, shops and mostly selling luxury goods. Did not attempt to eat at Ding Tai Fung, too long the queue.

There's a supermarket at the basement of the building, bought some wax apples, seem to be cheaper than those sold in the night market. Yummy.

The wax apple were really juicy and sweet, a must try fruit if you visit Taiwan. Bought these from the supermarket at 2 for NT138.

Proceeded to the food court also in the basement of the building, were many stalls selling different ethnic foods and fast food restaurants too.

Decided to try their local delights, a set lunch consists of fried rice, spring roll, vegetables and pig's blood curd soup. Hahaha ate pig's blood curd when I was very young but now it seems so foreign to me, dont really like it.

Hubby had the fried noodles.

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