Friday, November 13, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 3 - Grand Mazu Temple , Tainan

Datianhou Temple (Taina Grand Matsu Temple) is commonly known as a Mazu Temple of Tainan- the first Mazu Temple built by the government in Taiwan. The god worshipped in Datianhou Temple(Taina Grand Matsu Temple) is The Heaven God Mother, or widely called Mother Mazu, the most worshipped god in the Taiwanese society. The Datianhou Temple (Taina Grand Matsu Temple) was originally the palace of Emperor Ningjing of the Ming Dynasty. In the 22nd year of Emperor Kang Si (in 1684), after admiral Hsih Long had occupied Taiwan, he found that Mazu was mostly worshipped by the Taiwanese people and as a way to easy their hard feeling towards foreign rule, he then reported to the emperor and requested to have the Ningjing Palace rebuilt into a Mazu Temple and promoted Mazhu to Tianhou, meaning the Heaven God Mother. Since then the Mazu temple is called Datianhou Temple (Taina Grand Matsu Temple). Read more from source.

There were several other temples in the vincinity that I did not post all the photos of the temples. Tainan indeed has the most temples in Taiwan.

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