Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 7 - Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe Trip 2017 - Tennoji

After visiting and lunch in Shinsekei, originally we planned to walk from Shinsekei to Tennoji (only one station apart) but it suddenly rain heavily, so we had to abandon our outdoor activities, took the train to Tennoji.

Nothing much here except shopping or window shopping.

Since it was raining, we just browse and snack at Kintetsu Department Store Main Store Abeno Harukas

Bought some bottles of jams, tasted good and not very expensive.

551 Horai, a simple Chinese inspired comfort food outlet, is made famous by the unique recipes of its producer Hatone. The shop originated from Osaka and its popularity and winning taste have allowed it to expand all over Kansai. Since it was so popular, we had to try.

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