Saturday, September 16, 2017

Day 8 - Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe Trip 2017 - Kuromon Market, Osaka

Our last day in Osaka, we need to check out of hotel by 10 am, (as with most Japanese Hotel,late check in and early check out).

As usual, the morning buffet breakfast menu is almost the same, hahaha, we had the Japanese curry for the four morning breakfast daily.

After breakfast, we checked out of hotel but left our luggages with the reception and planned to collect them after our lunch. Our flight is near midnight, so we had almost a full day to do some last minute shopping and happy eating. So I planned the last morning to visit Kuromon Market which is near our hotel and we can come back collect our luggages easily. Kuromon Market is only one subway station away from our hotel.

We took the subway and alight at Nipponbashi station. From the signboard, we should exit at EXIT 10 and walked for less than a minute, the market is on the left.

It is a very lively market with lots of human interaction, and is packed with approximately 150 shops of mainly fish, meat and vegetables. Recently, the number of foreign tourists has increased drastically, while at the same time more and more restaurants are serving lunch. Eat-in shops for sushi or fresh seafood over rice, also grilled fish, shellfish, meat and other food being served in or outside of shops give off mouth-watering aromas to an increasingly international crowd.

Kuromon Information Centre is a FREE REST AREA. Open hour is 9:00 - 18:00. You can eat and drink what you bought at the Kuromon Market. And there are also toilets. Questions about the Kuromon Market are certain. There is baggage storage in the information center, and you can deposit your luggage with 500 yen a day. But it was so crowded here, not sure if there's enough lockers for luggages.

You can read more about the information centre from the official website.

The must eat is this beef stall (directly opposite the Kuromon Information Centre), the beef is really very very good and tender. So much better than the one I tried in Namba (that stall was a No No).

As we had tried kobe beef in Kobe, this time round we tried the wagyu beef, omg, is was so good and melt in the mouth, cost us 3000 yen, really worth it.

They even issued a certificate to prove it is genuine beef.

Now I am still thinking about the taste of the beef hahaha.

Next we went to a stall and saw grilled scallop, wow was so huge, hubby went to queue to buy the scallop, while I head inside the shop to look for seats. I cannot remember the price of the scallop, I think is about 800 to 1000 yen. Was so good, very soft and tender and easy to chew.

The shop also sell other food too, we ordered seafood noodles , 1800 yen. Quite expensive but very worth cause it contained a lot of seafood and had huge clams inside. The clams was soft and tender, also easy to chew, not overcooked. I am a light eater and normally eat very light and try to avoid deep fried, grilled or oily food but when I am travelling, I really eat a lot and forget about the healthy diet, hahaha, I put on 2 kg after this Osaka trip hehehe.

After a happy lunch, we came across a shop selling all sorts of local products in Japan. We bought JAPAN HOKKAIDO JAGA POKKURU POTATO CHIPS 18 G X 10 PACKS, cost us 1000 yen. For the Tokyo banana, best get it at the airport, the tokyo banana sold at this shop is very expensive. For the potato chips, I could not find them at Kansai airport. We also bought a lot of other local products.

The market also sell other products besides seafood.

Hahaha, we bought too many snacks, gifts, souvenirs, etc, so decided to get a box from the hotel reception but they charge us 400 yen for the box but free masking tape. Lucky I bought my own marker pen and some strings to tie the box after taping with masking tape.

Video of our visit to Kuromon Market, Osaka.

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