Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 2 - Shukkei-en Garden (縮景園)

Day 2 - our sightseeing trip on the meipurupu (hop on and hop off bus), started with a visit to Shukkei-En Garden, a very beautiful Japanese Garden. There will be announcment in the bus on the stop. On hearing Shukkei-en Garden, we alighted by pressing the bell in the bus. From the bus stop we walked straight and make a left turn on the first alley. The garden is just beside the art museum.

Need pay admission fee of 250 yen .

Collect a map of the garden from the ticket office, follow the walking trail as stated in the map, there's a easy walking trail or a longer trail. We two old folks of course choose the easier walking route.

Japanese Tea House

Interesting to watch the tortoise and Japanese Koi rushing for food. Can feed them by purchasing fish food from a small box beside the pond.

The entire garden is connected by a path which winds around the pond at the center of the garden. The path passes through all of Shukkeien's various miniaturized sceneries. Following this path around the garden is the best way to enjoy the garden.

In the middle of the pond, is a very beautiful stone arch bridge, makes a great spot for photography.

Do remember to enjoy some flowers in the garden too.

Spotted some wild mushrooms in the garden.

Not sure what tree this is but they do really looked like peaches.

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