Monday, August 06, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Honduri Shopping Street

After touring the Shukkei-En Garden and Hiroshima Garden, it suddenly rained very heavily so we decided to stop and have lunch and shop around Honduri Shopping Street.

Shareo Underground Shopping just below the Honduri Shopping Street. It linked to most of the malls there.

Did some shopping at Sogo Department Store where the Pokemon Centre was.

Luckily the rain stopped, so we proceed to the next sightseeing - Atomic Bomb Dome.

Took the meipuru pu bus (hop on hop off sightseeing bus) for the next sightseeing. It was just only one bus stop away but since the three different bus routes all go to the same atomic bomb dome bus stop, there's no need to wait long for the bus, we just wait for whichever bus comes first. The ride was just less than a minute but helps our tired legs.

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