Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day4 - Iwakuni Part 1 - How to go to Iwakuni and Kintaikyo Bridge

Day 4, we visited Iwakuni, a very beautiful place. I like this the best throughout my Hiroshima trip. The Kintaikyo Bridge is so beautiful, took so many photos of it.

It is very easy to go to Iwakuni from Hiroshima Train Station, is like one terminal to the other end terminal. It bypass the Mayijima Train Station (Mayijima Island), you can visit these two places in one day but I prefer to split them in two days, as we two old folks prefer going slow and relaxing.

Go to Platform 1 to take the westbound train from Hiroshima Station to Iwakuni Station (End terminal). The journey is about 1 hour.

The fare is 760 yen per adult per way.

Follow the directions and turn right after exiting from the train gate, and proceed to the bus stop.

Once out of the train station, the bus stop is visible.

Go to Bus Stop No. 2 to take the bus to Kintaikyo Bridge. If unsure, can always ask the ticket office at the bus stop.

The fare to Kintaikyo Bridge is 300 yen and the journey is about 20 mins and the bus frequency is every 20 minutes.

Need to pull the slip out of the box and hand to the driver with the correct fare and the slip but we bought our ticket at the ticket office at the bus stop. Hold on to the ticket and pass to the driver only on arriving destination.

In no time, we reached Kintaikyo Bridge bus stop, can see the bridge diagonally opoosite from the bus when we were inside and the only bus stop that they will announced in english. On returning back to Iwakuni Train Station, take the bus from the opposite side.

The Kintaikyo Bridge is simply beautiful and with hundred of years of history. Read more from official website.

The best spot to take photo must be below the bridge. Saw some benches near the bridge, tour group sit on them to take photo with the bridge in the background. That's the best spot to take photo. I took so many photos here hahaha, really very beautiful.

Need pay 300 yen to cross the bridge both ways.

Also remember to visit the castle right at the top via ropeway(cable car ).

Will post more photos about the castle in next post and videos of Iwakuni and Kintaikyo Bridge in later posts.

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