Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 4 - Hong Kong Victoria Peak

Day 4, after breakfast, we took the hotel free shuttle bus to Hong Kong Station. Our intention was to visit Victoria Peak by tram, of course there's a bus from Hong Kong Station all the way up to Victoria Peak but we wanted to try the tram. Huge mistake, it was a weekend and public holiday, a huge queue was formed at the tram station. We even walked quite a distance from Hong Kong Station to the tram station. Wasting our effort but at least a good exercise after breakfast haha. For those interested on where to take the hotel shuttle bus at Hong Kong Station. Just follow the directory in Hong Kong Station. there's a bus terminal at the basement of Hong Kong Station. Lots of signs to direct.

Weekend, could see lots of foreign maids gather at Central. There's even vendors selling second hand clothes at Central, looked like a flea market.

After a long walk, we finally arrived the tram station. To our horror, the queue is horrible and long. Could take us at least two to three hours to get on the tram. We waste no time, quickly walked to the taxi stand and luckily dont have to wait long for a taxi, the fare from the taxi stand to the top of Victoria Peak is about HK$60.

Instead of going into the building, we walked to Lugard Road, there's a secret walking trail there with great view of Hong Kong City. It's a short walk, but there's two spots with great view. The trail is only 15 to 20 minutes walk of course longer when we keep stopping and take photos hahaha. It was quite cooling as we were there during spring and the trees provide shade. Do bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

We of course went into the building but the amount of people inside spoilt all the holiday mood, we decided to take Bus 15 back to Central.

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