Monday, June 10, 2019

Hongkong Macau Shenzhen Trip 2019 - Day 5 - Taking the MTR Train to Shenzhen from Hong Kong and Sunon Hotel Shenzhen

After checking out of our hotel, we took a taxi to Hung Hom MTR station. From Hung Hom MTR Station, we took the MTR to Lo Wu Station. The journey to Lo Wu takes just under an hour, after which you can expect 30-40 minutes of border formalities before entering Shenzhen. You will need to exit the subway on the Hong Kong side of the border, cross the full international border and then join the Shenzhen metro for onward journey. At both crossings, the subway stations and international border are contained within the same complex. source.

Prices: A single ticket using an Octopus Card costs around HK$38 ($5 USD).

As Hung Hom MTR Station is the terminal, there's plenty of empty seats in the train and no problem with our large luggage too.

It took us very fast to clear immigration as there's no queue on either side of the immigration. We exit Hong Kong immigration by scanning our Singapore Passport at the E Channel. Then a short walk we arrived at the China Immigration. Clear the custom in no time then we took the train from Luowu Metro Station to our hotel at Laojie Metro Station.

We can exit the metro station via Exit D or Exit E to go to our Sunon Hotel.

The hotel is not very luxurious but comfortable and the location is very good as is next to Dongmen Shopping Street.

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