Sunday, June 30, 2019

Perth, Western Australia Trip 2019 - Day 1 - Westfield Carousel Perth Australia

As we did not have a good sleep in the plane, we decided to rest and catch some sleep before heading out for lunch. Luckily we managed to sleep for few hours, a much needed sleep for we senior folks. We headed to Westfield Carousel, Perth biggest shopping mall. Read more information about the mall from their official website.

Most of the shops closed at 5 pm except for the bigger shops like K Mart, Coles, Target, Woolsworth Supermarket and some restaurants which closes at 9 pm. Late night shopping on Thursday till 9 pm for all the shops in the mall.

I enjoyed shopping in this mall. Managed to shop for clothes, groceries from here. Really very cheap.

Lots of fruits in Australia, easily available in shops, supermarkets, markets and fruit Orchard (will post on it later). Love how big the persimmons are.

No problem finding restaurants, fast food, cafe, coffee in this mall. We have no problem communicating as we could speak English and mandarin. The chinese restaurants have staff that could speak english, mandarin, cantonese, etc

One of my favourite shop in Perth is Ally. Bought so many outerwear for the cold weather.

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