Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Bangkok Thailand Trip 2024 - Day 1 - Cathay Pacific in Changi Airport Terminal 4

After enjoying a nice holiday in Danang, Vietnam, I went for another trip with my friends all senior citizen hahaha. The best thing about going Bangkok with friends is having fun eating and shopping. As we went Bangkok several times, this trip is more on eating and shopping.

Moreover, the timing is not so good when we went in early May 2024, the weather was a killer. It was so hot, I could have melted in the hot sun kekeke.

So most of the time , we spend indoors to avoid heat stroke especially for our senior age.
I chanced upon Cathay Pacific Promotion from Singapore to Bangkok. They used to have this sector but stop temporary due to the Covid Pandemic. So I was so happy when they restarted the sector starting from March 2024.  The price was a stealer as compare to Singapore Airlines. 

Cathay Pacific departed from Changi Airport Terminal 4, so happy to have the chance to go to Terminal 4, it was my first time to depart from Terminal 4 (it used to be budget terminal but changed to Terminal 4)

Love how the interior decoration in Changi Airport Terminal 4. Small but cozy.

If booked early, one can get air ticket from Singapore to Bangkok by Cathay Pacific for less than S$300. The cheapest I saw during the promotion was S$270. The flight will depart at 13.25 and arrived Bangkok at 15.15 (we gain one hour as Bangkok is 1 hour behind us) and the return flight will depart Bangkok at 11.55 and arrived Singapore at 15.25. The only down side was the return flight, too early. It would be better if it is a evening or night flight. 

Cathay Pacific was a full commercial flight so we had lunch in the plane. I loved how the table is double deck. We pulled down the table for the food and pull down another smaller table for the drinks.

I loved it as the dining area would not be congested and spill our drinks with the upper deck.

The meals offered was chicken and potato or beef with rice


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