Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Bangkok Trip 2024 - Day 5 - Bye Bye Thailand - Taxi to Subarvanian Airport Bangkok Thailand and Cathay Pacific to Singapore

Our last day in Bangkok. Our flight is around 11.55 am , so we need to be at airport about 2 hrs or 3 hrs before hand to check in. As we heard Bangkok Airport could be crowded we decided to go early.

We asked the hotel concierge to book a taxi for us to Subarvanian Airport. There are 3 types of taxi, small, medium and large taxis. As there's 3 of us with 3 luggages, we could actually take the small taxi but the fare was only different by 100 baht only. So we decided to take the medium taxi just incase the small taxi cannot fit our 3 luggages. The fare was about 600 baht. 

The taxi will go by the expressway to avoid traffic jam. We actually reached the airport in 30 minutes only.
The back of the taxi could actually take in more than 3 luggages.

Our flight (Cathay Pacific) was delayed by 15 mins due to heavy rain in Hong Kong. 

So we had plenty of time to do last minute shopping in the transit area in the airport.

Of course, we could not resist the glutinous rice with mango. The expiry of the rice is only2 days.

Cathay Pacific flying from Bangkok to Singapore in less than 3 hours. A very pleasant and smooth flight and the staff were friendly and helpful.

My friends ordered the noodle dish while I ordered the rice and  chicken dish. Of course the upper tier table really helpful for our cups so we can have more space to eat our food on the lower tier table.

What a great time in Bangkok, will go again and hopefully get cheaper fare with Cathay Pacific.


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