Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ipoh Trip- Kek Look Tong

The Kek Look Tong Cave Temple is a tourist attraction situated in the natural and picturesque area of Guning Rapat in the south of Ipoh - the capital of Perak state in west Malaysia. You can read more of the cave from source.

I love how beautiful the entrance of the cave was. It was indeed huge and magnificient.

Inside the cave was cool and lots of rock formation.

From far, the rock formation (circled) looked like a Chinese God Warrior but on zooming it, it was just a rock formation.

Walking towards the end of the cave, we can see another cave opening. It open to a very beautiful scenery with lots of greenery. Fantastic.

There's water dripping from the Stalactites above.

This is our friendly cab driver that took us from the railway station to our hotel on the first day. He recommended his services to us and I collected his name card incase I needed his service. He charges RM35 per hour to bring tourists sightseeing.

On day 2, I tried calling his handphone (the second number on the name card) from our hotel room but I cant made outgoing call from the hotel room's phone. So I called the front desk reception to make the call on my behalf. The hotel staff were so helpful and help me to contact the cab driver and arranged for him to wait outside the hotel to pick us up at our chosen time. We asked him to bring us around Ipoh sightseeing for abour four hours to four places, ie. Perak Caves, Kek Look Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kellie's Castle. He is very friendly and speak mostly cantonese. He can speak mandarin, hokkien and malay too but his english is very limtied. I cant believe he is 70 years old, he looked so much younger.

Will post video of the caves in next post.

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