Friday, November 08, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 3-Gamcheon Culture Village Part 1 - How to go to Gamcheon Cultural Village or Taegeuk Village by public transport

We begin Day 3 sightseeing with a visit to Gamcheon Cultural Village which is also known as Taegeuk Village. The main attraction of this village must be the colourful houses which were like stacked one on top of the other like Lego.

We took the subway and alighted at Jagalchi Station and exit through Exit 1 and as usual, we need to climb the stairs to exit the station, good exercise on a good morning.

From here we need to take a mini bus 2 or 2-2 at the bus stop infront of G25 convenience shop. Look at my map for the location of G25 and the bus stop (circled). This is the only convenience shop above Jalgalchi Station that we could top up our T money card that we purchased in Seoul. Most subway stations and convenience shops in Busan do not have the service of topping up the T money card cause in Busan they used different metro/subway cards.

Easy to spot the bus stop that is just outside G25.

After a short wait, the mini bus came and before I could show my piece of paper with the word Gamcheon Village written in Korean, the lady driver shows me a post card of Gamcheon Village, I laughed and nodded happily and replied YES YES. You can print a picture of the village to show the driver. By the way Gamcheon Village in Korean is 감천문화마을.

Scan the T money card on the scanner(circled) in the mini bus and remember to scan the card again on your way out.

If you want to pay by cash, slot the cash into the metal box (circled), surprised the machine can give out change at the bottom of the box (circled).

After about 15 to 20 minutes ride, we finally arrived at Gamcheon Village, the lady driver was very nice to alert us to alight.

There will be tour buses at the entrance of the alley, so you wont missed this place, easy to spot.

Hahaha, love these pants aka pots.

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