Sunday, November 17, 2013

Seoul and Busan Trip 2013 - Day 4 - Hotel Aropa Seoul South Korea

We should have chosen a hotel around Seoul Station to avoid travelling around with our huge suitcase lol. Was worried cause when we took the metro train from Seoul Station to City Hall Station(only one station away), the train was so crowded and I was worried we could not exit the train with our suitcase in time cause the door open the other side of the train but lucky City Hall is an interchange almost everyone exit the train cabin. Phew, we were able to drag our huge suitcase out of the train.

We need to exit at Exit 7 (only stairs, for escalator use exit 5) to get to Hotel Aropa.

Crossed the road from exit 7 and turn left.

There's two alleys leading to Hotel Aropa, the first alley is before Dunkin Donut Cafe, so you turn right on the first alley.

Upon seeing the next alley turn left and you can see Hotel Aropa.

The second option is after passing by the Dunkin Donut Cafe, just turn right and you can see Hotel Aropa.

Hotel is clean and cozy and the bed very comfortable.

There's a tea corner where you can make your own drinks, complimentary of two bottles of mineral water but the razor and some toiletries are chargeable.

Everyday we were given two sets of complimentary toothbrushes.

Hahaha the toilet door is see through only the centre part is frosted but there's curtain for the shower.

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