Saturday, October 31, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 1 - Cambridge Hotel Tainan

For our accomodation in Tainan, we decided to stay at Cambridge Hotel cause of its good location near attractions, shopping area, etc. There's a family mart near the hotel where we make friends with the staff cause we went there nightly to get our coffee and supper hahaha.

The hotel is very outdated and old but some rooms were newly renovated. The hotel room were very cheap as compared to those in Taipei so we decided to upgrade to a big room meant for four but only hubby and me stay. The room were clean except that the carpet looked very old but the dresser seem brand new and clean.

Everything were given to us in fours. We were given four breakfast vouchers daily but we actually utilised only two hahaha. Even the complimentary mineral water we got four bottles so we dont have to purchase any extra mineral water during our stay in Tainan.

The exterior of the hotel, sorry for the blur photo.

There's laundry room on the highest floor and free to use. Detergent were provided free too.

Saw this message on the room door, hahaha , the translation looked odd. Was a reminder to lock the room door when we sleep.

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