Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taiwan Trip 2015 - Day 1 - Changi Airport Terminal 3, Butterfly Garden and Singapore Airlines Food

Finally, I am back from a very tiring trip to Taiwan. Main purpose was to attend a wedding in Taiwan during my trip. Was a very joyous and happy occasion.

On the day of the departure, we headed to the food court in Changi Airport Terminal 3 for breakfast, there's lots of choices and yummy local food.

After breakfast, not to be missed must be the butterfly garden in Terminal 3 but was disappointed that now there were not as many butterflies when I last visited.

After viewing the butterfly garden, I was off to Shilla Duty Free Shop to purchase some cosmetics. Of course the price here were so much cheaper.

Finally hop onto my favourite Airline, Singapore Airlines.

There's two choices to select for lunch but we dont even have to select cause all the oriental menu were selected by other passengers and only the western menu were left,so had to settle for that. :(

Luckily the fried fish tasted good but the pasta were rather hard for my liking.

The best part must be the dessert, ice cream coated with chocolate, yum yum.

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