Sunday, August 07, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day 4 - Zhongshan Road and Chengzhong Park, Wuxi, China

After settling our hotel check in, we went out to Zhongshan Road for our lunch. As T12 is just diagonally opposite our hotel, we decided to visit the mall and have our lunch there.

Decided to eat some western food for a change. Tea and orange juice.

Roast chicken drumstick

Pork Chops

After lunch, we just strolled along Zhongshan Road, equivalent to Singapore Orchard Road, lots of shopping malls and tall buildings. Tips: Shop like the locals, dont buy on impulse anything you see in the mall, there are small shops outside the malls and also in marketplace (will post later) where the locals shop, prices were so much cheaper than in malls.

We came across a little park, known as Chengzhong Park. Lots of activities in here. It was around 3 plus pm on a weekday and people are having fun in the park. Most are retirees and children.

Kids having fun feeding fish with milk bottle (need pay a fee to feed the fish)

And as it was the raning season, the rain just came pouring all of a sudden and everyone scrambled away.

A video showing all the activities and opera singing in the park.

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