Saturday, August 06, 2016

Suzhou/Wuxi Trip 2016 - Day4 - Wuxi - Grand Park Hotel at Zhongshan Road

After a ten minutes ride on the High Speed Rail, we finally arrived at Wuxi Railway Station.

We just followed the signs which directed us to the exit.

We had few options of transportation to choose to go to our hotel in Zhongshan Road which is about less than 10 minutes ride by cab. We could also take the metro for two yuan(only one or two stops depending on which part of Zhongshan Road we wanted to alight) or we could take the public bus which is only two yuan. We choose the taxi cause it was raining and the fare wasn't expensive , costs us only 11 yuan and the taxi will reach right at the hotel front. The taxi goes by the meter.

We stayed in this very beautiful five star hotel, Grand Park Hotel in Wuxi. We got a good promotion rate at Agoda cost us about S$80+ per night. We could stay cheaper hotel at three or four star hotel but we like this hotel cause of the good location and the reviews of the hotel sounds good. Our room was on one of the highest floor and the view from our room window was beautiful.

Night view of the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel looked grand and beautiful. The staff were very friendly and very helpful whenever we seek information.

The bed were very comfortable and love the pillows best. Slept so well every night especially when I was still a bit sick, the comfortable stay lessen my illness.

The cabinet was well stocked and filled with beautiful cups and there's even an ice bucket.


Nice and well stocked toiletries in the bathroom and very clean.

Business centre - free use of computer (but no facebook, google, youtube services in this hotel cause China banned all these).

View of Zhongshan Road from our hotel room window, Zhongshan Road is equivalent to Singapore Orchard Road. Lots of shopping malls but hidden among the malls are beauitful parks. (Will post about them in later post).

As mentioned in earlier post, there's was a deadly tornado in Jiangsu but Wuxi was not affected but dark clouds and rain can be seen. The building (Hyatt Regency) were blocked by dark clouds.

Another view of Hyatt Regency on our last day when the weather was fine.

There's a nice bakery just outside the hotel, but limited sitting capacity. Nice place to have coffee, sandwiches, cakes,pastry, etc.

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