Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hiroshima Trip 2018 - Day 1 - Street Car - Hondori Shopping Street

After good rest in the comfortable hotel at Sheraton, we took the street car (tram) from Hiroshima Station (South Gate). The street car station is outside the hiroshima station.

Our destination is Hondori Shopping Street, lots of shopping malls and a huge pedestrian shopping aracade at Hondori. We can take the street car no. 1,6, 2. Althought No. 2 stop at street car bus stop called Hondori, the other no. 1 and 6 stop at nearby street car bus stop, the stops are very close to each other. The fare for the street car is 180 yen, can pay to the driver on arrival of destination. Can use IC card too. (See more details about IC card here.

Lots of places in Hiroshima had these pictures, a reminder of the horrible world war 2.

Hondori Street, Hatchobori shopping street are all near to each other and connected unerground too via an Underground Shopping Street: Kamiyachō Shareo. No problem finding food here, lots of restaurants, etc along the street and in shopping malls. Although Sogo Department Store closes at 8pm, but the restaurants on the higher floors closes around 11 pm.

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