Friday, July 13, 2018

Hiroshima - Flooding

I am so sad about the recent flooding in Japan and the worst hit was Hiroshima. I was back about 1 week from Hiroshima, before the flooding and thinking back, I could be stranded if the flooding occured earlier. The places I visited were all flooded and the train that I took was stopped cause of damage to the railroad and roads were blocked due to landslide.

Even the road to the airport was blocked and airlines cancelled the flights.

The worst hit area in Hiroshima was in Kure which I visited on the second last day of my trip. It was raining heavily then but stopped as soon as I reached Kure. I could have been stranded here for a week if the flooding occured back then. The whole town was locked in, railroad damaged, roads blocked by landslide and flooding. Really very sad. Read the news the railroad could take about a month to repair and roads about a week.

Pray for those affected by the flood and the loss of lives and homes.

Now it makes me thinking to plan better for my next trip, really need bring a small emergency kit, torch light and dry snacks on sightseeing incase being stranded. Even the supermarket run out of food and water.

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